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Chuckwagon by Hanson Wheel and Wagon Shop
American Chuck Wagon Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop

A typical Chuck Wagon cookout  is composed of five food categories: meat (usually chicken-fried steak), beans (pinto), bread (Sourdough or yeast), dessert (usually peach cobbler), and potatoes.Cooking pots, pans, plates, utensils, and cleaning items like toothbrushes, razors and toilet paper are carried on the Chuckwagon. Together with bagged bright red apples, whisky, bandages, salt, flour, sugar, pinto beans, coffee beans, tea leaves, baking soda and dried fruits and vegetables. Or rice, corn and corn meal perhaps even a few common spices too, such as black pepper ground chili and cinnamon. Meats were there too; Bacon, venison, beef jerky and salt beef were all wrapped in cloth and tied with string then buried deep into smaller kegs of grain. The grain stays cool and helps the fat of the meat not to go rancid. Hanging from the top of the wagon were usually two big salt cured hams.



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